Managed Anti-Malware :

Security is one of the most important elements of any system and you probably have enough to worry about already without the security of your systems adding to it.
Let us worry about the security of your systems so you can focus on making your customers happy.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery:

In event of a major incident, how quickly could your current systems be up and running again?
Our top priority is keeping you running. Whether you lost your work laptop your entire office is flooded, our BDR plan can ensure that we get you up and running in no time, your backed up systems and server can be started in our own Virtual Server infrastructure and your users can access your systems from anywhere and continue working, like nothing happened.

Security Awareness Training

Needless to say, your users is your last line of defence againsts cyber threats. One click on a malicious email that slipped through the cracks can bring the entire company down. Teach your employees how to recognize red flags and stay secure as they go about their work.

Proactive Maintainance:

Proactive maintenance is at the heart of our service offerings.
With automated, daily system health checks and routine site visits, we take care to address any issues from resolving software warning alerts to physically cleaning out dust from the insides of your computers to resolve potential overheating issues, we respond to and resolve any alerts that pop up so that your business can be free of unplanned downtime.

Helpdesk and remote support:

Our IT helpdesk provides your users an efficient way to get IT help over email, chat or phone call. As most IT issues can be resolved remotely, we pair our helpdesk with remote support for your users offering qucker time to resolve reported issues at less cost due to the lack of travel time and expenses.