#4 – Password Management

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While security awareness programs educate users on identifying and avoiding online and email threats while staying productive, good computing and online habits go a long way to keep your organization safe from opportunistic crimes?

Password Habits:

Whether it’s a sticky note, a phone app, or keeping a password saved on your computer, end users don’t always take all the precautions they should to keep their password a secret from others. While writing your passwords on paper might seem harmless at first (after-all you don’t hire people you don’t trust), an innocent office selfie plus passwords on sticky notes result to a bad day or week for business.

Best password practices for an organization

  • Require strong passwords.
  • Implement two-factor or multi-factor authentication.
  • Change all default passwords on apps, services and network devices
  • Opt for password management software instead of storing passwords on sticky notes and spreadsheets
  • Practice what you preach. All password best practices should be used by internal and external employees
  • Check List of Compromised Websites to see if a site or service you used have been compromised (note that some password management tools will notify you when services you use are compromised

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