#4 – Password Management

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While security awareness programs educate users on identifying and avoiding online and email threats while staying productive, good computing and online habits go a long way to keep your organization safe from opportunistic crimes? Password Habits: Whether it’s a sticky note, a phone app, or keeping a password saved on your computer, end users don’t always take all the precautions … Read More

#5 – Security Awareness

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A significant number of employers make the mistake of thinking that only the IT department or security officers are in charge of information security. While there are various security measures to protect the data and computers inside your network from malicious actors, the ignorance of a single employee from any departmental unit of your company can open the door of … Read More

#3 – Backup

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According to the CyberEdge 2019 Cyberthreat defense report from cyber edge, 78% of networks were breached last year while nearly half of ransomware victims succumb to paying ransoms. While data loss due to ransomware can be devastating to a business, data loss can also occur in other forms: Drive FailuresAccording to a Google study of hard drive failures, disk drives over a year … Read More

#2 – Antivirus

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Cyber-attacks are one of the most serious threats that modern businesses have to face. While keeping our computers up to date helps keep us protected from attacks that take advantage of the vulnerabilities on the software we use, there are other forms of cyber-attacks that target individuals or businesses as a whole. One of the most common forms of Cyber-attacks … Read More

#1 – Patch and Update

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You’re probably hard at work trying to get through that report when the annoying little screen pops up, you hit the snooze button thinking you’ll do it at the end of your work day, but find yourself clicking that snooze button again the next day. Sound familiar? We all skip or ignore updates every once in a while, they seem … Read More

Why SMBs need IT support

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5 resons

1. Enhance Your Overall Business Security Cyber-attacks are one of the most serious threats that modern businesses have to face. Recent articles and research shows that ransomware attacks are on the rise. According to the 2019 Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report. An increasing proportion of smaller firms are now caught up in the cyber battle. Small and medium sized firms are much more likely to have suffered … Read More